Expert investment management delivered differently

Investment excellence has been at our core since the business was founded in 1988. We combine institutional investment capability with personalised service and transparency to deliver a truly unique offering to our clients.

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Understanding what matters

Needs and objectives are distinctive to each individual, family or organisation. We believe in taking the time to understand what matters most to our clients and tailoring solutions accordingly.

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“We believe wealth has a purpose unique to every client. Consistently meeting clients’ investment and broader financial needs relies on understanding what really matters to them. That’s what ultimately guides our decision-making as a firm.”
Alex Pikoulas| Chief Executive Officer

Meeting individual needs

We seek to optimise clients’ investment and non-investment outcomes through individually managed accounts tailored to portfolio objectives and an all-encompassing financial concierge service to support complex and evolving personal affairs.

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Partnering to combine purpose with impact

Our Public Charitable Trust helps advance the philanthropic and charitable activities of our high net worth individual and family clients. Using this structure, our clients have supported more than 100 charitable organisations.

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How we approach investing

The principles that underpin our investment philosophy and approach are enshrined in The Little Green Book, authored by our Chairman and Founder, Peter Harper. Empirical evidence has shown these principles to be a pathway to long-term investment success.

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“Peter – you’ve written a very good book – probably better than if you had opted for the 500 page version.

The advice on page 19 should be read by all investors.”

Warren Buffett
Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway